Peppermint Cream Die

Animated cover by Morgan Wright. Original design by Scott Book and Melissa Vail Coffman for Camel Press.

Peppermint Cream Die, the first book in The HSP Mysteries, is out now. The book’s protagonist, Kayla Jeffries, is a home bakery owner and an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).


When home bakery owner Kayla Jeffries discovers her elderly friend has been strangled, she draws upon her strengths as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) to help solve the murder and restore peace to her quiet oceanside community.




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Peppermint Cream Die (The HSP Mysteries #1) by Carol E. Ayer is a quaint whodunit depicting a person employing the aspects of a sometimes problematic trait to their advantage while sleuthing. With fascinating characters and a suspenseful and intricate plot, this book is a riveting read. Kayla’s character is admirable as she acknowledges and accepts her sensitive nature, working to create an environment that is beneficial for her. It is an entertaining story with a unique twist that makes an excellent start for an exceptional cozy mystery. Filled with suspense, it is a delightful amateur sleuth mystery series that will thrill everyone who enjoys mystery novels filled with twisted plots and unique protagonists. – Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

PEPPERMINT CREAM DIE has all the cozy beach town charm you’d expect with a fresh, new kind of heroine. Kayla Jeffries owns an ocean-themed baking business, but that’s not what sets her apart. Kayla is an HSP – a highly sensitive person – a trait I didn’t know much about before finding this series. Due to her HSP nature, Kayla has to make sure she doesn’t become overstimulated by the outside world. She prefers the company of animals or being alone. She doesn’t like loud noises or big groups of people. She’d rather be at home than at a party. I found myself relating to her a great deal because of this. Rarely does a cozy feature an introvert, so Kayla was a refreshing change. I also learned a great deal about a topic I wasn’t familiar with! – Sarah E. Burr, Author of the Court of Mystery series and the Ducal Detective Mysteries


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