Stabbed in the Tart

Stabbed in the Tart, Book 2 in The HSP Mysteries, is now available.

Cover by Scott Book and Melissa Vail Coffman for Camel Press


Home bakery owner and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Kayla Jeffries has been hired for the Gourmet and Stay Valentine’s Weekend at the historic Countryside Inn in Los Robles, CA. When one of her fellow cooks is murdered during dinner service, she becomes a person of interest-and a possible suspect.

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Stabbed in the Tart is a cozy mystery featuring Kayla Jeffries, a sleuth who is a home baker and Highly Sensitive Person (a person whose sensitive nervous system is easily overloaded). When a fellow cook is stabbed during a dinner service, Kayla becomes a person of interest and potential suspect! Customers shy away from her business, and she resolves to uncover the killer before she loses her livelihood and possibly her freedom. Delicious twists and turns of plot make Stabbed in the Tart a delectable choice for mystery connoisseurs! – Midwest Book Review

Ayer uses her experience as an HSP and lifelong Californian to create Kayla as an authentic heroine that we cheer for at every turn. Stabbed in the Tart is a quick, delicious read for the baker and detective in all of us. With today’s world as heavy as it is, this book gives us a respite, another world to tuck into where the desserts are as delicious as the storyline. – Christa Avampato for

I fell in love with Kayla and her friends all over again in this superb sequel to “Peppermint Cream Die.” The introduction of her father is masterful by author Carol E. Ayer, revealing to the reader the intricacies of Kayla’s past and the HSP trait all at the same time. I absolutely loved Kayla’s dad in this novel, and hope he shows up again in more mysteries. – Spotlight Reviews

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